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City Council Debating Bills to Provide Property Tax Relief

On May 3rd Council President Clarke and 15 other Councilmembers introduced a package of four bills to bolster the tools the City has at its disposal to more address the impact of the City’s Actual Value Initiative (AVI) on homeowners.

Under AVI, all of the City’s properties are being reassessed at their actual value for property tax purposes.  While PACDC has been supportive of this effort, we have also raised concern about the impact this will have on long-term and lower-income homeowners, especially in neighborhoods where property values have appreciated significantly.

While some protections currently exist, and additional measures such as state authorizing legislation for a homestead exemption in Philadelphia of the first $15,000 of a property’s value is pending, we do not believe this is sufficient.

PACDC testified at the May 14th hearing on the bills that it is essential for the City to make sure appropriate measures are in place to enable a broader range of lower-income and long-term residents to stay in their homes and communities before they are impacted by the new assessments. 

City Council is continuing to discuss these bills as part of the City’s budget process.

Summary of Bills:  


Summary of AVI Relief Measures Introduced May 3, 2012  




Bill No 120338 - Deferrals of Real Estate Tax 


Bill No 120339 - Special Real Estate Tax Provisions for Low income Tax Payers 


Bill No 120340 - Tax Exemptions for Longtime Owner Occupants 


Bill No 120341 - Real Estate Taxes Installment Payments