This Fall, Dream A Little Before You Think

“As you enter positions of trust and power, dream a little before you think”
– Toni Morrison

In the face of the everyday work you advance, dreaming is the most important power source we have at hand to foster a better world for ourselves and our communities. Join us this fall as we share insights on accessing tools, partnerships, trust, and money to support manifesting your dreams and those of your communities.

Sold Out: PIDC & PACDC Project Development 101 & 102
This 2-part series, presented by PACDC and PIDC, will walk you through the entire capital project development process so you minimize mistakes, save money, and get a fully-funded project to completion.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP 4 AllSM  “Train the Trainer” Session
Join us for ENTREPRENEURSHIP 4 AllSM “Train the Trainer,” an interactive session that teaches the fundamentals of an entrepreneurial mindset. Learn to leverage existing assets such as local business leaders who can help unlock area resources, knowledge and expertise of peers and facilitate networking between individuals and businesses within the community to “cocreate” entrepreneur-based outcomes.

Commercial Real Estate on the Corridor: Leasing, Valuation, and Appraisal
The conversation, led by experienced corridor development staff along with experts from the valuation sector, will talk honestly and openly about best practice approaches, pitfalls to avoid, mitigating conflicts, and how to better manage expectations both for owners and tenants.

What it Takes to Plan, Run, and Conduct Food Tourism on the Corridor
Join Ambrose Liu of Olney Culture Lab of CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia and the team at North 5th Street Revitalization Project as they walk participants through the complex, but ultimately fun and unique way to market neighborhood commercial corridors and the food businesses that enliven communities.

Making Art, Maintaining Identity:  Real Place Making Keeping
Learn about The Colored Girl Museum, A Seed on Diamond Gallery, and North Philly Peace Park and how these world class arts and community venues use arts as a tool for community development, neighborhood empowerment and identity.

Iron Sharpens Iron Fall 2019: Building Stronger Block Captains and Community Leaders
Iron Sharpens Iron Fall 2019 will explore how neighborhood residents are helping each other in small ways and large to cope and heal, and what resources are available to block captains and others to help on this important issue.