Challah for Hunger seeks Operations Manager

Challah for Hunger builds communities inspired and equipped to take action against hunger. Established on a single campus in 2004, the network has grown to over 86 chapters, baking thousands of loaves per year and donating over 1.5 million dollars to social justice nonprofits. In addition to supporting over 86+ chapters, Challah for Hunger supports an ever-expanding alumni network, a growing community program, and partners national and local organizations to address social justice issues.

For the Operations Manager position, we seek an experienced professional to help support the day-to-day management of our office and help us strategically evaluate and grow our systems and operations in order to match our growing program and staff. We are looking for someone with 7+ years of experience in finance and/or operations, and human resources.

Summary of Duties:
– Oversee payroll and reimbursements. Additionally, manage bill calendar and pay all bills. Handle organizational banking and tax needs as necessary.
– Reconcile finances on a weekly basis and work with accountants to prepare and analyze monthly financial reports. Liaise with outsourced bookkeeper who manages and prepares all bookkeeping and financial reports.
– Ensure continued financial health by forecasting and recommending budget changes/projections.
– Spearhead optimization research to ensure the organization is constantly evaluating best-options for software, infrastructure and policies, etc.
– Coordinate logistics for conferences, trainings, and board meetings (manage food and hotel vendors, manage schedules).
– Manage relationship with vendors (bookkeepers, insurance broker, coworking space, etc).

Start date: April 21, 2020

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