Chestnut Hill Community Association seeks Executive Director

The Executive Director partners with the President to develop direction, set policies, and implement initiatives of the CHCA, and administers Board decisions. On a daily basis, the Executive Director oversees operations, supports each division of the CHCA – Operations, Physical, and Social – and provides managerial support to the Chestnut Hill Community Fund (CHCF). The Executive Director also maintains communication with the Chestnut Hill Local, other Chestnut Hill organizations, the Philadelphia City Planning Commission, City Council and other City agencies, and serves as a critical communication link between the CHCA and the community. Additionally, the Executive Director will drive and help shape the celebration and message of this 70 year old civic organization, which at its core represents approximately 10,000 residents in 19118, a thriving business area and key institutions which collaboratively work with this group and share its mission.

Resumes can be sent to We are a 501(c)3 non-profit.


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