City of Philadelphia seeks Deputy Director of Complete Streets

Agency Description

The Managing Director’s Office of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability (oTIS) is charged with driving change through our transportation and infrastructure systems. oTIS leads a portfolio of departments, including Streets Transportation, Streets Sanitation, Philadelphia Water Department (PWD), and the Office of Sustainability to provide cost-effective quality services with a focus on the resident. oTIS is also the lead agency for the planning, implementation and program management of the Indego Bike Share Program. oTIS collaborates with a wide variety of organizations such as Amtrak, DVRPC, PATCO, PennDOT, and SEPTA.

oTIS is proud to chair Vision Zero, a mayoral initiative to eliminate traffic deaths on Philadelphia streets by 2030. Vision Zero provides a comprehensive framework to manage speeds—and end traffic deaths—on our city’s streets by focusing on equitable implementation of:

  • Engineering;
  • Enforcement;
  • Education; and
  • Evaluation

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Job Description

The primary responsibilities of this position include the planning, implementation of, and reporting for the City’s Vision Zero Action Plan and related programs. Responsibilities would include management of the City’s Vision Zero Action plan update and associated projects, management of the Neighborhood Slow Zone program, managing the Vision Zero team and their work on safety education, data analysis, and communications. This position will be the primary support person for Vision Zero by leading Vision Zero policy development; coordinating among multiple City Departments, advocates and members of the public; and tracking and reporting on key Vision Zero metrics.


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