City of Philadelphia Seeks Rebuild Parks and Recreation Project Manager

The Rebuild office works closely with the Departments of Parks and Recreation (PPR) to implement the Rebuild Initiative, and the Rebuild/Department of Parks and Recreation Design and Construction Project Manager will assist in overseeing the delivery of Rebuild park, recreation center and library projects. Many of Rebuild’s projects will be managed by pre-qualified non-profits, and part of the responsibility of this position will include ensuring that the work completed by those agencies is to Rebuild and Department of Parks and Recreation standards.

The Project Manager will both directly manage projects and work with the various entities completing Rebuild projects to ensure that projects are of high quality and delivered in the most expeditious, efficient manner possible. Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, providing oversight and direction to enable projects to be completed on time and on budget; managing design and construction processes, reviewing plans and documents, and coordinating with various city departments to ensure smooth project delivery. Contact with Rebuild staff, program management consultants, engineers, planners, architects, contractors and representatives of civic, community and governmental organizations is a significant aspect of the work.

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