Cornerstone West CDC seeks Economic Development Manager


Cornerstone West CDC is a non-profit organization based in Wilmington, DE. Cornerstone West CDC’s mission is to create affordable housing and promote the revitalization of Wilmington’s West Side, a unique and historic neighborhood made up of a collection of four small but cohesive communities at the doorstep of downtown. A testament to Wilmington’s diversity, the West Side is home to some of the most economically, racially, and socially diverse communities in the state. Cornerstone facilitated the development of a West Side Revitalization Plan in 2012 and is leading implementation efforts in the areas of economic development, housing, and community engagement.


The Economic Development Manager will be responsible for coordinating Cornerstone’s commercial district revitalization program. The Economic Development Manager will promote the development of safe, attractive, and vibrant business districts in the West Side through supporting the West Side Business Alliance, leading marketing and promotions efforts, organizing events, and coordinating internal and external partners to bring about streetscape improvements. The Economic Development Manager reports to Cornerstone’s Director and is a full-time, exempt position.

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