Drexel University seeks Community Health & Wellness Manager

The Community Health and Wellness Manager is a key member of the West Philly Promise Neighborhood team. The Manager will be responsible for overseeing all activities related to the health and wellness of children and their families. The Manager will work with partner agencies to design, implement, and monitor programs that foster lifelong healthy behavior. Additionally, the Manager will oversee the new Promise Neighborhood Navigator program which will connect parents and caregivers to resources and services.

Specific areas of oversight include grant-related outcomes focused on:

o Increasing the number of children who have a medical home.

o Increasing children’s daily exercise and consumption of fruits and vegetables.

o Increasing community safety, specifically for children as they travel to and from school.

o Supporting community stability as it relates to student mobility by supporting parents and caregiver through the linkages to services and programs.

This position reports to the Promise Neighborhood Project Director.

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