Fairmount Ventures is hiring a Research Assistant

Fairmount Ventures (fairmountinc.com) is a social impact business launched in 1992 to help nonprofits grow and thrive. Core services for nonprofits, public agencies, and philanthropy include: strategic and business planning, resource development and capital campaigns, executive search, program design and assessment, and mergers and affiliations. Clients benefit from our expertise in: arts and culture; civic and community-building efforts; early childhood, K-12 and higher education; youth development; healthcare; housing; human services; sustainable communities; and workforce development. Fairmount has been a thought partner to over 400 organizations, helped raise over $750M in new funding, and is sought for our deep understanding of the Philadelphia region and rich set of connections that benefit clients.

Position Overview
The Research Assistant provides research support that informs the recommendations Fairmount’s consulting teams develop for clients. The types of research span: socio-economic data that will help inform program design; funder grant awards and amounts to help vet opportunities and set strategies; competitor organization review to help determine an organization’s distinguishing features and to set benchmarks; best practice research to support planning; wealth capacity and philanthropic giving history research to shape door strategies; etc. The research is internet-based, using a combination of publicly available information and the subscription-based resources Fairmount uses to shape client strategies. Research supports strategic plans, business plans, capital campaign feasibility studies, resource development plans, public sector funding applications, corporate sponsorship packages, foundation grant proposals, and individual donor strategies.

The Research Assistant will report to a member of Fairmount’s management team, with whom s/he will set a mutually-agreeable schedule that enables a graduate student to work part-time while pursuing a degree and assures Fairmount reliable research support on a predictable schedule.

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