Friends of the Rail Park Seeks Their First Executive Director

Friends of the Rail Park (FRP) is a 501(c)3 organization that drives the vision behind the transformation of historic rail lines that traverse Philadelphia into a 3.1 mile linear park that will connect 10 adjoining neighborhoods, cultural institutions and Fairmount Park together. The park has three distinct sections – the Viaduct, the Cut and the Tunnel- which reflect the history of the city’s development and rail transportation’s role in it. Construction of Phase I of the Viaduct section will be completed in early 2018. Friends of the Rail Park is seeking its first Executive Director to work closely with an active Board of Directors, city government, other civic groups and other interested individuals to advance FRP’s vision and mission.

Friends of the Rail Park formed in 2013 as an advocacy group, as a result of a merger of two smaller advocacy groups initially formed in 2003 when the vision for the Rail Park was first articulated. Currently an all-volunteer organization, FRP brings together a diverse community of stakeholders and future park users with the belief that more people will use, benefit from and support the park if they are active participants in its creation. Hence, FRP seeks to work collaboratively with government and civic organizations, cultural institutions, and individuals and communities to secure public support and financial resources for the park, lead its design process and programmatic agenda. An institutional funder has generously committed $550,000 over three years to capitalize the organization. FRP will use this support to leverage other funders and donors to also contribute to the organization.


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