Greater Philadelphia Asian Social Service Center Seeks NAC Coordinator

The Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC) is an extension of the Division of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) of the City of Philadelphia, the purpose of which is to organize communities, promote housing programs, and provide information to residents. This information is provided through various methods, including Service Area Briefings (community meetings), quarterly newsletter, social media, etc.

The NAC Coordinator will report to his/her agency supervisor. The NAC Coordinator is primarily responsible for targeting low-moderate income people; aid in the prevention or elimination of homelessness; and/or meet community needs having a particular urgency in regards to housing. They will be responsible for implementing all activities under the contract with DHCD.

The NAC Coordinator is responsible for providing neighborhood citizens with adequate opportunity to participate in neighborhood level planning; contribute to the direct delivery of services by the City sponsored programs; and to be the representative organization to provide information and assistance on the activities within the NAC boundaries.

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