Housing Development Corporation seeks Director, Strategic Partnerships & Community Relations

The Director of Strategic Partnerships and Community Relations is responsible for advancing housing advocacy, resource development, and communications strategies in support of HDC MidAtlantic’s mission. This is a new position, created to support the successful implementation of HDC’s new 5 Year Strategic Plan, which is focused on people and partnerships. The Director will build out and oversee a Strategic Partnerships and Community Relations team, working across departments and with diverse stakeholders to form mutually beneficial partnerships in support of our mission, vision and values. The goals of the team are three-fold: diversify funding sources and partners, advance housing advocacy and policy, and promote effective communications, both internal and external.
Direct reports include a Communications Associate, and eventual supervision of a Resource Development Manager and Advocacy and Engagement Coordinator, hired on when additional resources are secured.

Summary of Duties:
– Participate as a member of the Executive Leadership Team.
– Provide goal setting, visioning, leadership, and strategic direction for resource development, advocacy and communications.
– Create and implement an HDC ambassador program for employees, residents and board members become champions for HDC
– Support and cultivate the professional growth and leadership development of the team.
– Develops 5-year fundraising goals and annual work plans for fundraising foundations, corporations
and individuals, as well as special events and board fundraising efforts.
– Develop and maintain strategic relationships with key stakeholder groups including businesses, elected officials, community groups, donors/funders, volunteers, etc.
– Develop content and incorporate it through multiple platforms to share information and educate people about who we are; what we do, why we do it and our impact.
– Provides oversight for HDC’s communications efforts.
– Provides leadership in the development and implementation of policy priorities and strategies for implementation.
– Facilitates the involvement of resident leaders and community partners in promoting policy.
– Facilitate training, technical assistance and tools to empower Board and Staff to represent and advocate on behalf of HDC and build authentic and meaningful community connections.
– Write and distribute reports, articles, briefs and memoranda on issues related to affordable housing policy and programs.

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