Impact Services Corporation seeks Workforce Advisor

POSITION OVERVIEW: Provide TANF customers enrolled in the EARN Center with employment focused case management that leads to job placement and job retention.


  • Provide excellent, prompt, and staff-assisted customer service to customers enrolled in EARN activities;
  • Participate in weekly orientation groups with new customers and provide overview of work readiness and case management services;
  • Meet one on one with all new customers within one week of enrollment and support the customer with setting goals using Goal 4IT approach and tools, and complete My Personal Goals and Action Plan, Review customer assessment forms at the time of enrollment in order to support goal setting processes
  • Participate in group meetings with customers to help schedule activities and follow up on plans;
  • Monitor customer efforts; interact with customers at least twice a month and document progress toward goal achievements. (interaction may include face to face meetings, telephone calls, and emails);
  • Participate in job planning and other customer-focused meetings and work with Instructors, Job Developers, Workforce Counselors and Life skills Coach to implement job placement and retention plans;
  • Review customer time and attendance reports to ensure that customer is meeting time and attendance requirements, meet with customer to develop make up plans as needed; monitor customer compliance with time and attendance requirements;
  • Review customer activities to ensure that customer is participating in work readiness training, job search activities, and meeting with Job Developers to obtain employment; meet with customers to develop plans for securing employment;
  • Assist Job Developers with verifying employment; work with customers to obtain required pay documentation; submit Placement Forms to employers to verify hours or request Work Number verification when customer does not provide pay documentation as needed;
  • Contact customers after they are placed to check on job retention progress and re-engage customer with EARN Center if employment is lost; coordinate customer work activities with wrap around activities
  • Track customer use of available job search time and transition customers to Community Work Experience when job search time is exhausted; track customers and transition back to job search after 30 days or work with Work Activity Coordinator to transition customer to another work site; meet with customers on a regular basis while engaged in CWE to ensure they continue to engage in job finding activities;
  • Assist customer in obtaining needed supportive services from CAO and other resources;
  • Provide counseling and referral services as needed;
  • Maintain case notes documenting all activity;
  • Perform task as described in protocols for CWDS, ClientTrack and Kronos;
  • Maintain customer file per contract requirements;


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