Isles seeks Chief Executive Officer

Isles, Inc. is a community development and environmental organization based in Trenton, New Jersey. With a mission to foster self-reliant families and healthy, sustainable communities, Isles designs and develops effective services and products that support this mission and share its solutions with others who can make a difference, including policymakers and other leaders.

The Chief Executive Officer is ultimately responsible for all agency services, fundraising, finances, and administration. This includes setting the strategic direction, translating that strategy into action and deliverables, and for successfully meeting Isles’ goals and mission. The CEO is Isles’ primary representative to external and internal stakeholders. S/he is responsible for processing and leveraging Isles’ insights to refine, eliminate, or develop services or products to better meet Isles’ mission, with an eye towards innovation.

Summary of Duties:
– Build and nurture relationships started from Isles’ Founder and build new significant relationships.
– Develop new sources of unrestricted funds by pursuing various forms of major gifts, particularly from high net-worth donors.
– Serve as the primary ambassador for various stakeholder groups such as state and local government leaders, the press, nonprofits, and funders to expand Isles’ impact regionally and nationally.
– Collaborate with the Chief Operating Officer and the Managing Directors to respond to community needs and developing new insights and service lines.
– Collaborate to establish and achieve the goals set out in the Annual Budget. Provide oversight to the endowment.
– Set an organizational tone that results in high functioning employees who remain true to Isles’ mission.
– Represent Isles to the Board of Trustees, keeping the up to date with services, fundraising, financial matters, and public communications.
– Oversee the development of Mill One Social Profit Center including construction schedules, leasing and ensuring ongoing revenue.
– Develop the long term strategic plan for the Social Profit Center.
– Update Isles’ Strategic Plan.

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