Norris Square Community Alliance seeks Executive Director

NSCA serves the predominantly Latino community within the Kensington area in North Philadelphia, PA. The area residents are active at every level of the organization, several of them serving as employees and board members while others lend their voice through community forums, neighborhoods organizing and advocacy.

It has invested over $150 million in the physical and social revitalization of the neighborhood, and over $60 million in direct real estate investments creating affordable housing, jobs and essential community services for families and their children in need of support.

Currently, there are 131 staff members (full-time and part-time), including a 9-member Senior Management Team.

NSCA currently supports four major program areas: early learning, youth and family services, housing counseling, real estate development.

The Executive Director’s position is focused on organizational development and management, advocacy, external relations, partnership building, and resource development. The Executive Director works in partnership with the Management Team. The Management Team consists of the following members: Finance Director, Controller, Director of Early Learning, Director of Youth and Family Services, Development and Communications Officer, Property Manager, Information Systems Specialist, Human Resources Recruiter, and Community Outreach Organizer.

Board priorities for the Executive Director within the next 12-18 months:
– Establish relationships and build trust with staff, the Board, residents, neighborhood leaders, and community partners.
– Cultivate relationships with current stakeholders; maintain and grow funding support.
– Provide oversight of the NSCA Education and Training Center development, which includes the renovation of a currently vacant 30,000 square foot building, as well as program implementation.
– Lead the development and financing of an updated five-year Strategic Plan for the period beginning FY 2020, working with area residents and stakeholders.

Summary of Duties:
– Work collaboratively to manage revenues and expenses, and forecast future years’ growth.
– Work collaboratively to lead the organization’s strategic direction, strategic alliances, and policy advocacy efforts.
– Support the work of the board and board development, respond to the Board’s guidance, and collaborate with them in full transparency.
– Provide leadership to the Management Team.


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