Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation seeks Project Manager

PCDC was established in 1966 as a nonprofit, grassroots, community-based organization. Its mission is to preserve, protect, and promote Chinatown as a viable ethnic, residential, and business community. Programs focus on providing affordable housing and related services to all members of the community, neighborhood planning and advocacy, economic and industrial redevelopment, youth and family support services.

Crane Chinatown is a new development under construction and sponsored by PCDC along the northern region of Chinatown. Visible from the neighborhoods that surround it, it is a symbol of the trajectory of this hard-working and proud community. Crane is a multi-use development with residences, retail and office space, and a community center.

The Project Manager should be a highly responsible professional with the demonstrated ability to spearhead the business plan development and launch the operations of Crane Chinatown Community Center. The Project Manager is responsible for launching the Crane Chinatown Community Center. He/She is responsible for coordinating activities and supporting the PCDC Executive Director so that the project teams carryout their tasks to keep the project on schedule for opening in September 2019. The remaining tasks may include: FF&E, building amenities, and operational decisions; and leasing activities.

This position offers an individual with experience and knowledge in establishing and operating businesses in related areas, such as real estate, fundraising, and community engagement an opportunity to build upon his skills to work in a flexible and challenging environment.

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