S. Kensington Community Partners seeks Neighborhood Advisory Committee Coordinator

SKCP is a community-based nonprofit organization serving the residents and businesses of South Kensington, Philadelphia.
Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC) is an extension of the Division of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) of the City of Philadelphia.

Summary of Duties:
– Promote city housing programs, disseminate information, and track referrals and services.
– Promote programs and services of the organization.
– Organize and facilitate quarterly community meetings in the target area, on a topic related to home preservation, tax relief programs, addressing blight, etc.
– Facilitate education workshops associated with NAC programs.
– Actively link organizations and institutions to the community.
– Organize and recruit block captains and hold quarterly meetings to discuss neighborhood wide issues.
– Organize zoning meetings to encourage citizen participation on an as-needed basis.
– Follow up with letters to the Zoning Board of Adjustments.
– Prepare and publish a quarterly newsletter promoting the activities of the NAC and services of the City.
– Assist in recruiting volunteers and planning for the Agency Service area annual Parade or Festival.
– Actively identify and keep a log of vacant lots and abandoned structures.
– Promote greening and gardening education.
– Report the number of people receiving services monthly.

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