SEAMAAC seeks Youth Programs Coordinator

ORGANIZATIONAL CONTEXT: SEAMAAC welcomes applications for the position of Youth Programs Coordinator. SEAMAAC is a nonprofit organization in Philadelphia, with the mission “To support and serve immigrants and refugees and other politically, socially and economically marginalized communities as they seek to advance the condition of their lives in the United States.” SEAMAAC envisions a strong and unified society, where immigrants and refugees work alongside other Americans to build shared political, economic and social power. We envision a community where the contributions of each generation of Americans, whether Native to this land, immigrant, or brought against their will, are equally acknowledged, valued and embraced, and where all people live whole, healthy lives with joy and dignity.

POSITION SUMMARY: The primary responsibility of the Youth Programs Coordinator is to provide overall coordination and administration of SEAMAAC’s Out of School Time (OST) and Summer programs for middle school and high school students at multiple sites. Our programs use project-based learning whose core strategy is the arts, visual, performing, and media production particularly focusing on the hip hop arts, including instruction in DeeJaying, breakdancing, emceeing, photography, video and music production, graffiti arts, and youth leadership. The curriculum addresses leadership development, civic engagement, cultural heritage, life skills, prevention activities, academic enrichment, and college/career readiness. The Youth Programs Coordinator provides technical support for the development, design and implementation of effective youth programming. This includes youth recruitment, parent engagement, curriculum and lesson plan development, overseeing regularly scheduled program wide activities, completing funder deliverables, and maintaining program site security. A successful candidate must possess a strong commitment to and respect for a diverse range of cultural and performing arts – especially the wide range of creative expressions that Hip Hop encompasses.

The Youth Programs Coordinator will assist with recruiting, interviewing and hiring recommendations, providing training, supervising and evaluating youth program staff, interns and volunteers, and monitoring staff schedules.  The Youth Programs Coordinator’s overall contribution to SEAMAAC includes but is not limited to participating in the department’s program evaluations, database management, meeting with funders and partners, advocacy, ensuring compliance with documentation/reporting requirements, and department and program visioning and implementation.

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