Strawberry Mansion CDC seeks Project Coordinator

The Strawberry Mansion Community Development Corporation’s mission is to promote sustainable revitalization through residential, commercial and economic development, historic preservation and the empowerment of the Strawberry Mansion Community. Although troubled by urban blight in the past, today the neighborhood is experiencing urban renewal at a tremendous pace. The SMCDC was formed to drive this renewal, empower the residents and preserve the richness of the neighborhood.

The Project Coordinator will provide technical assistance and professional coordination with hands-on leadership in the development of a community home repair program. Work directly with community leaders, program managers, contractors, and frontline staff to build relationships with employers, vendors or stakeholders that are key to the development of this project. He/she provides administrative support to ensure data and applications are keep up to date.

Summary of Duties:
– Work with SMCDC, community residents and stakeholders to develop a toolkit with resources, guidance, and tools to implement the Project.
– Coordinate with Project Director and sponsorship bodies to provide program/project planning and develop operational-related procedures.
– Serve as a liaison and technical advisor between affiliates, contractors, funders, support staff, and stakeholders.
– Assist with organizing, planning, and executing events and meetings in support of awareness, development, marking and work readiness.
– Provide guidance to Program Director on how to collect, track, and deliver required documentation, data, and reports on a timely basis.
– Work in partnership with the SMCDC/Program Director and staff to coordinate program outreach including workshops/information sessions.
– Collaborate with partner agencies who can advocate for capacity goals.

Application is due February 28th, 2020.

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