Tax Reform a Grave Threat to Housing & Community Development: ACT NOW

The House and Senate tax reform bills that passed each chamber are now moving to conference where differences between them will be worked out. These bills represent a grave threat to housing and community development programs in Philadelphia and across the Commonwealth. While the content of the final legislation is still unknown, elements of the the bills under consideration would:

What’s being debated in Congress would be bad for our low-income neighbors, bad for working families, bad for our communities, bad for our city, bad for our region, and bad for our state.

But this fight isn’t over. The final bill will need to pass both the House and the Senate to become law. It’s now more important than ever that you call your Congressperson and and Senators and tell them to vote NO on a tax bill that will devastate critical housing and community development programs to give a tax cut to large corporations and wealthy families at a time of widening inequality and significant need.

Senator Toomey: (610) 434-1444
Senator Casey: (215) 405-9660

Representative Brady (1st District): (215) 389-4627
Representative Evans (2nd District): (215) 276-0340
Representative Boyle (13th District): (215) 335-3355
Representative Costello (6th District): (610) 696-2982
Representative Meehan (7th District): (610) 690-7323
Representative Fitzpatrick (8th District): (215) 579-8102
Representative Barletta (11th District): (570) 751-0050
Representative Dent (15th District): (610) 562-4281

Don’t know who your Congressperson is? Click here.