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As Philadelphia and the nation struggle with the economic fallout of the COVID-19 crisis, PACDC released a new report showing that over the last 28 years, Philadelphia CDCs boosted the local economy by more than $5.4 billion and the Pennsylvania economy by $9 billion.

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The 5.4 Billion Dollar Local Impact of Philadelphia CDCs

CDC investments created 12,790 full time equivalent jobs in Philadelphia and $2.4 billion dollars in new wealth for Philly homeowners. They also generated more than $18 million in annual revenue for local schools and $45 million in one-time tax revenue payments to the City of Philadelphia. 

The $9 Billion Statewide Impact of Philadelphia CDCs

These activities created 45,820 full time equivalent jobs in Pennsylvania and $137 million in one-time tax revenue payments to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

CDC investments reach nearly all of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods.

Geographic Distribution of New Construction, Major Rehabilitation, and Other Community Investments Completed by CDCs 1992 to 2019

Through good times and bad, CDCs are consistent neighborhood investors.

Our 2012 Collective Strength Report’s chart on New and Rehabilitated Housing Units Completed by CDCs vs. Private Sector demonstrates the reliability of CDC investments even in times of significant economic hardship in which private market investment stagnates.

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This comprehensive examination of the CDC industry in Philadelphia reveals the extent of the economic and social benefits of these organizations, including the profound impact of CDCs’ direct activity as well as the spillover benefits from their programs and physical investments.

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