July Member Spotlight: Emily Cordero, Asociación Puertorriqueños En Marcha (APM)

For over fifty years, APM has been working towards its vision in which every resident is engaged, encouraged to lead, and given opportunities to become self-reliant. From affordable housing development, to food distribution and youth programming, APM continues to rise to the emergent needs of the diverse community they serve. APM recently hosted its annual Sugar Cane Festival; this July, we speak with APM about the meaning of the festival and what in store for the months ahead.

How did you come to lead communications at APM

I met Nilda Ruiz, CEO of APM, while I was a News Reporter for Univision 65. We did many interviews together. A year after I left Univision, I accepted a position as Communications Director for APM.

What do you love most about the work you do?

Seeing the faces of the children and the people we serve on a daily basis brings so much satisfaction and joy to my heart. Knowing that my work helps them flourish, helps me develop different ways to communicate what we do to the outside world.

Tell us about the Sugar Cane Festival and how it supports APM and the community.

The Sugar Cane Festival honors the historic significance of the sugarcane crop for generations of Puerto Ricans, and recognizes the workers who migrated from the Island to Philadelphia to work in the refinery. More than 50 vendors were on site during the 18th Sugar Cane Festival where we offered health screenings, information on housing, financial literacy, children’s play area, and great food!

What advice would you give someone who wants to enter your line of work?

The key is to have a genuine passion for serving the community. My job is to communicate what services we provide internally and externally. One must express and exercise a true need to serve the most vulnerable.

What is next for APM?

We are currently rolling out a one-of-a-kind Anti-Violence program to help our clients combat the increased violence in the city. There are also plans of expanding our services beyond the city of Philadelphia.

To learn more about APM, visit: www.apmphila.org.