Call Sens. Toomey and Casey today!

Please call Senators Toomey and Casey today and urge them to support the Making Housing Matters Plan, released by Congressman Dwight Evans. You can download a PDF of the plan here.

Senator Toomey: 202-224-4254

Senator Casey: 202-224-6324

Congressman Evans’ plan calls on the Senate to immediately act on several measures already passed by the House that would provide critical relief to homeowners and renters, including:

-The HEROES Act, HR 6800, which passed the House in May, and would provide $100 billion in emergency rental assistance, and billions more for mortgage assistance, and people experiencing homelessness;

-The Moving Forward Act, HR 2, which passed in the House in July and would expand the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program, and invest billions more in housing repair, preservation, and production.

The Making Housing Matters plan also calls for the passage of HR 8003, the Helping HOMES Act, which would expand mortgage forbearance relief programs. It awaits action in the House.

Here’s a sample message for your call to Senators Toomey and Casey:

“I urge the Senator to support the immediate passage of HR 6800 and HR 2, which await action in the Senate. Both bills would significantly expand housing assistance at time when renters and homeowners are struggling due to COVID-19, as well as create and preserve more affordable homes to better meet the massive need in Pennsylvania. Safe, affordable housing is critical to beat COVID-19, and the production and repair of homes will create jobs that will jump-start our economy.”