Business Innovations for the Future of Work

Drexel University Creese Student Center – Behrakis Grand Hall
Nov 07, 2019 8:00am - 4:00pm

Explore what businesses can do now to promote a more inclusive, resilient workforce.

While a majority of the conversations about automation and the future of work have highlighted potential problems, few discussions have focused on solutions. The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, and the City of Philadelphia invite you to join us on November 6 and 7 to explore innovative business practices, public-private partnerships, and the importance of diversity and inclusion for the future of work.

The summit will be a unique cross-sector convening of key stakeholders, thought leaders, and innovators to think critically about what the future of work means for the economic well-being of Philadelphia. Please join us to be a part of this pivotal discussion.

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