College Promise Programs and Lower-Income Students: Design, Implementation, and Impact

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
May 29, 2019 9:00am - 3:30pm

This event is hosted by The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia’s “Community Development and Regional Outreach Department” and the University of Pennsylvania’s “Alliance for Higher Education and Democracy” (Penn AHEAD).

Participants will discuss the recent proliferation of college promise programs and summarize research on their effectiveness for increasing college access, for lower-income or first-generation students.

Researchers, practitioners, and students will also discuss best practices for designing college promise programs to maximize these outcomes. Finally, participants will learn about the partnerships critical to making these programs sustainable.

This event builds on research conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia on a “last-dollar financial aid program” offered to low- and moderate-income students. It also draws from Improving Research-Based Knowledge of College Promise Programs, a forthcoming book coedited by Edward Smith and Penn AHEAD’s Laura Perna.

This event is accessible via wheelchair and has restrooms located on the same floor as the meeting.