Iron Sharpens Iron Fall 2018: Training and Support for Emerging Community Leaders

Temple University Center Center
Nov 03, 2018 9:30am - 2:00pm

Join PACDC for a very special fall installment of our Iron Sharpens Iron series focused on building the power of emerging community leaders between the ages of 16-22. Participants will obtain tools and resources that enhance their capacity to more effectively communicate with and mobilize neighborhood stakeholders for successful social change. Join us for an engaging and intensive workshop training developed and facilitated by experienced Philadelphia community organizers.

Tickets are $10. If you are an emerging leader and cannot cover the cost to attend, please contact Zakya Hall at or 215-732-5829.

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  • 9:30-10:00: Registration
  • 10:00-10:30: Welcome & Ice-Breaker by Dr. Elana Evans, Paul Robeson High School  
  • 10:30-11:45: Workshops: Round I
    • Managing Stress as a Community Leader by Katsi Miranda-Lozada and Rodney Mobley, Community Engagement Associates, New Kensington CDC
    • The Power of the Passion Pitch: Your Story Matters by Amanda Irizarry and Jada Rasulallah
  • 11:45-12:00: Break
  • 12:00-1:15: Workshops: Round II

    • #TagIt: Using Art to Reclaim Space in Your Neighborhood by Cynthia Blocker, Community Connector, People’s Emergency Center
    • Asset-Mapping: The Dream Catcher by Rodney Mobley, Community Engagement Associate, New Kensington CDC
  • 1:15-2:00: Lunch & Networking

Workshops and presenters include:

  • The Power of The Passion Pitch: Your Story Matters, Amanda Irizarry
    • Youth deserve to have a seat at the table when it comes to making the big decisions that affect their everyday lives, especially those that impact the quality of our communities and neighborhoods. In any kind of movement for social justice or equity, young people are crucial to telling the stories and creating the solutions necessary for positive action and change to take place. But in order to do this young people must first become empowered and equipped with the tools necessary to tap into the power they possess within and use their voices to advocate for the issues, causes, and communities they believe in
  • Managing Stress as a Community Leader, Katsi Manuel-Lozada and Rodney Mobley, New Kensington CDC
    • Community members across Philadelphia deal with individual, community and historical stress in their leadership roles. Identify what stress looks like for you, and gain tools to manage self-care through a personal safety plan.
  • Asset Mapping: The Dream Catcher, Rodney Mobley, New Kensington CDC
    • The purpose of this presentation is to talk to the heart, soul, and head of the audience, in that order. The assets framework connects to each of these three. Youth engagement is a critical way to connect the work of volunteers in their communities with the work of students in their classrooms, community centers, parks, neighborhoods and homes. Through asset mapping, participants will learn to build a neighborhood based web of support to accomplish their dreams.
  • #TagIt: Using Art to Reclaim Space in Your Neighborhood, Cynthia Blocker, People’s Emergency Center CDC
    • Through the #TagIt guerrilla art activity, participants will learn the value of impermanence– releasing their attachment to “final products”  and helping them to focus more on “the process.”The workshop will give young community leaders the space to express the kind of ideas and work that they want to put into their community, using three different approaches:
      • ​​Beautifying- Altering their surroundings on the Lancaster Avenue (or service area neighbor hoods)
      • ​Questioning- using their voice, challenging the status quo
      • ​Interacting- with the environment or people in the community.

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