LBC Affordable Infill Housing Project: Place Petal Charrette

The Friends Center
Apr 04, 2018 5:00pm - 8:30pm

Continuing the work from our kickoff charrette, we are investigating affordable housing in Philadelphia through the lens of the Living Building Challenge. On April 4th we will continue to develop the design of our project, collectively selecting the best site. How can the specifics of the site help or hinder our ability to attain certification and its impact on the surrounding environment?  How will financing affect where we can build affordable housing?

Please join Chad Adams, Ground Plan Studio, as he guides us through the details of the Place Petal, the requirements of the imperatives, and working through the requirements specific to the site. This hands-on workshop is one of an ongoing series which will investigate each Petal of the Living Building Challenge.

During each workshop, we continue to ask, “Can we build regenerative, resourceful, inspiring, healthy, net-positive water, and energy rowhouses that are also affordable? And can we produce a best-strategies manual for anyone who would like to design and build Living affordable housing? Of course, we can! But we need your perspective, expertise, ideas, minds, and hands to make it successful. Help us re-imagine what the future of Living housing can look like for our city.

Living Building Challenge is not a prescriptive standard and the path to certification depends entirely on the ingenuity and dedication of the project team.  We want you as we learn and do together.  No prior experience with Living Building Challenge is needed.

Some of the topics you will learn about:

  • What is a transect?
  • How do we assess a site with LBC Place imperatives in mind?
  • Can any building achieve Living Building status?
  • Are there sites that cannot be developed?
  • Encouraging human powered mobility to and on the site
  • How can we establish a robust and sustainable urban agriculture?
  • How can an urban site protect wild life habitat?

We invite you to participate and experience the deep understanding of LBC principles and the fun of designing challenging projects with a group of enthusiasts. Whether you are an urban planner, architect, contractor, homeowner, educator, developer, or just interested in deep green design – we welcome your unique presence!

Have a seat at the table! Food and drinks will be provided.

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