How the New Federal Tax Law Could Impact Nonprofits

Kreischer Miller, which has been providing accounting, tax and advisory services to Greater Philadelphia and the Lehigh Valley since 1975, and The Nonprofit Center, are combining forces to present a 60-minute webinar on February 13, that will clarify the potential impact on nonprofits of H.R.1:  Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

If you have been wondering about provisions that could have an impact on your organization and the sector, register now for this webinar, which will address questions like these:

  • How will this likely affect charitable giving?
    • What segment of the population will be most affected?
    • How might corporate charitable giving be impacted?
  • What about changes to Unrelated Business Income rules?
  • Are there payroll and other operational changes that need to be made?
    • What changes apply to nonprofits specifically as employers and organizations, such as travel reimbursement, invest revenue taxation?
  • What changes might your state and local governments make in reaction to the new federal law that could impact the work of your nonprofit, such as spending levels, tax exemptions, and imposition of new taxes, fees, and payments in lieu of taxes (PILOTs)?

This webinar is being offered free of charge as a service to nonprofits and we encourage staff, board members, volunteers funders and others interested in the future of nonprofits to attend.

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