Nonprofit Security Workshop

Tech Impact
May 18, 2018 9:00am - 12:00pm

Security is at the forefront of nonprofit leaders’ concern. All nonprofits are exposed to security threats that can lead to loss of data, money and reputation. Tech Impact understands these threats and can help you assess your risks and mitigate potential losses.

Join Tech Impact’s Infrastructure and Security team for a half day security seminar to lead you through the who, whats, whys and hows of security threats and protections. Learn who the bad actors are and why they want your data and how you can arm yourself better with that knowledge. We’ll also discuss common attacks and the resources available to nonprofits to combat them (nonvendor specific).

Leave with an assessment detailing your organization’s specific threats, priority levels and next steps for securing your organization. This is a small-group event with real case discussions and hands-on learning. Refreshments will be provided.

9:00 – Threats & Actors: Who are they and what do they want

9:15 – Self Assessment – Security DIY

9:30 – Common Attack Vectors & Common Protections

10:00 – Technology Vs. Policy Vs. Culture: How Your Employees Are Your Best Defense

10:30 – BREAK

10:45 – What is Cyber Security and Why Should You Care?

11:30 – Self Assessment – Where Are You & What’s Next?

12:00 – Lunch & Open Q&A with Infrastructure and Security Team Lead

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