Webinar: Urban Expansion, Affordable Housing, Poverty and Community Development

Rapid global urban expansion, climate change, poverty and a need for more social, economic and environmentally resilient cities demand collective thinking and planning, collective action and collective impact.

Juan Carlos Franco VillegasCivil Engineer, MBA & Community Developer

Juan Carlos Franco Villegas is former advisor to Alejandro Santo Domingo, Board of Directors member of a diverse group nonprofit and for profit organizations, and main partner at Lupien, Rosenberg et Associés. Civil Engineer from Los Andes University and MBA from INALDE, has dedicated 23 years to transform, lead and manage social and environmentally focused organizations and initiatives. Has conceptualized, designed and implemented projects on affordable housing, Comprehensive and Sustainable Community Development (DINCS), social impact bonds, microfinance, natural disasters relief, early childhood, environmental conservation, water funds and clean production through collective impact vehicles.

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