City of Philadelphia seeks Urban Greening Coordinator

Organizational Overview:

The city is seeking candidates ready to make an impact on our community and organize forestry-based programs for the Department of Parks and Recreation. Diverse and qualified candidates with a degree in horticulture, forestry, or arboriculture and four years of urban forestry experience which has included community organizing or environmental education are encouraged to apply

Position Overview:

This is parks programming work coordinating the operation of urban greening and community programs to assure that departmental and community needs are being met. The employee in the Park Usage & Stewardship specialty is responsible for planning, coordinating, and evaluating comprehensive park usage and stewardship programs on a citywide basis. The employee in the Urban Forestry specialty is responsible for planning, directing and coordinating, and evaluating community forestry-based programs and operations on a citywide basis.

The employee in the Urban Gardening specialty is responsible for urban agriculture coordination work to support and expand the usage of parks and other public lands for agriculture and community garden projects. Employees in this class work with programming staff to build community capacity in support of the assigned programs and participate in recruiting, training and evaluating stewardship, community and civic groups. All positions coordinate the operation of programs to assure that volunteers and volunteer organizations are in compliance with departmental regulations In addition to coordinating cross-division efforts within the department, all positions work closely with department affiliated stewardship groups, community groups, organizational program partners, volunteer agencies, and individual volunteers to implement volunteer programs and activities that support the department’s citywide sustainability goals. The employees in this class report to a director level position.

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