Shift Capital seeks Development Finance Manager

Organizational Overview:

SHIFT is an impact real estate investment group who takes an integrated approach to developing equitable inclusive communities that thrive. We are a Certified B Corporation® who deploys capital into real estate projects in underserved neighborhoods, in order to catalyze shared prosperity, build wealth for the existing community, and strategically preserve affordability.

Position Overview:

The Development Finance Manager assumes full responsibility of capitalizing real estate development projects, with a special focus on affordable housing projects. They will work closely with the Development team on underwriting projects and assessing each one’s capitalization needs. They then will be responsible for managing lender, investor, and grantor relationships and assembling the capital stack so the project moves forward in a timely manner. This will also include spearheading grant and tax credit application processes, and especially those that relate to the provision of affordable housing. This position demands strong financial skills, creative thinking, leadership, and effective communication.

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