Take Action: Tell Mayor Kenney to Sign the Construction Impact Tax

Please take a moment right now to call, email, or Tweet Mayor Kenney and urge him to sign Bill No. 180351 that will create a 1% Construction Impact Tax that could generate $20 million or more each year for the Philadelphia Housing Trust Fund.

Call him at (215) 686-2181.  Email him at James.Kenney@phila.gov.  Tweet to him @PhillyMayor.

While campaigning for Mayor in 2015, Kenney pledged to boost revenue to the Housing Trust Fund. With just a year and half left in his first term, now Mayor Kenney has a bill on his desk that would allow him to live up to that commitment. Tell him to sign Bill No. 180351.

Here’s a sample Tweet or phone script:  . Please sign the Construction Impact Tax to generate $20m/year for affordable homes. It’s a first step in clawing back the 10-Year Tax Abatement subsidy by less than 1 year to create a more . The only way to grow Philly is to grow it equitably!

Here’s a sample email:  Dear Mayor Kenney:  I am writing to urge you to sign Bill No 180351, which would create a 1%  Construction Impact Tax (CIT).  This tax could raise $20 million per year for affordable homes, which we desperately need to address rising housing insecurity.  The funds will be used to preserve or repair existing affordable homes, create new affordable homes, and help more families become homeowners.  The CIT is a first step in making the 10-Year Tax Abatement more equitable, as it represents less than a 1-year clawback of that subsidy to serve the housing needs of low- and moderate-income Philadelphians.  Philadelphia needs development policies to ensure that as we grow, we grow equitably.  Thank you, (Your Name) 

Championed by Council President Clarke, Councilwoman Maria Quinones Sanchez and Councilman Squilla, the bill passed City Council on June 21st by a vote of 9 – 8. This follows years of advocacy by PACDC and others to double dedicated revenue to the Housing Trust Fund. The tax represents less than one year of the existing 10-Year Tax Abatement program, which is a first step toward making that subsidy policy more equitable.

The revenue generated by the tax would allow Philadelphia to increase investment in production of new affordable rental units for very low-income households, as well as preserve existing affordable units. It would also allow us to boost investment in programs to help moderate income people become homeowners through down payment and closing cost assistance. The need for these investments is enormous as Philadelphia battles with rising housing costs and persistently long-waiting lists for housing assistance.

Unfortunately, the Kenney Administration testified in opposition to the bill and urged members of Council to vote no. That raises real concern that Mayor Kenney may veto the bill when Council returns from summer recess in September. Your call is important and can make the difference!

Call him at (215) 686-2181.  Email him at James.Kenney@phila.gov.  Tweet to him @PhillyMayor.

To learn more, visit our Affordable Homes for a Growing Philly campaign page.