2022 Conference Date Conflict with Yom Kippur


As we prepare to open registration for the PACDC 2022 Forward Forward Equitable Development Conference, we also need to acknowledge that the first day of the conference (October 5th) falls on Yom Kippur, and apologize to our members and partners who observe this High Holiday. This scheduling was a major error on PACDC’s part, and it should not have happened.

While we are unfortunately unable to correct this by changing the conference dates, we have changed our ticketing structure to offer single-day tickets and have re-ordered the programming to ensure that the keynote and community celebration will take place on the 6th to make those elements as fully accessible as possible.

We sincerely regret that our conference is now less inclusive than we had hoped it would be. PACDC will make every effort to ensure that this does not occur again and that we are recognizing significant days for all.


Rick Sauer
Executive Director
Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations