Access to High Quality Computer Science Education in Philadelphia: What Community Leaders and Parents Need to Know to Advocate for Children & Youth

String Theory Schools
Dec 06, 2018 4:00pm - 7:00pm

The session is for community leaders and parents from neighborhoods across Philadelphia to learn about what computer science (CS) is and the importance of CS education for access to the tech and innovation economy. This session is part of CS4Philly Week 2018, Philadelphia’s celebration of National Computer Science Education Week (December 3-9).


4:00 Registration and Reception

4:30 Welcome/opening remarks

  • Naomi Housman and Jonathan Lee, CS4Philly
  • Stephen Kinsey and Genaye Channel, PA Legislative Black Caucus

4:45 Why CS is critical for our future — education and economic development

  • Dr. Chad Womack, STEMCity Lab
  • Judd Pittman, Pennsylvania Department of Education

5:15 Access to CS education in Philadelphia: in-school and out-of-school programs

  • Dr. Yasmin Kafai, University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education
  • Luke Bilger, The School District of Philadelphia
  • Phil Brooks, City of Philadelphia

6:00 Youth Perspective: TechServ STEM Scholars, JEVS Human Services

6:30 Community Leadership and Advocacy: Next steps

7:00 Close

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