Health + Housing Summit


About the Summit

The health challenges that result from lacking safe, affordable housing can be considerable, chronic, and expensive. This is why we’ve seen care providers around the country begin to work to better health through housing. In order to explore best practices that could result in improved health outcomes in Philadelphia through cross-sector collaborations, PACDC worked with partners to plan our region’s first Health + Housing Summit – an all-day convening on December 13, 2018 hosted by Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals.

The Summit highlighted ways in which health organizations like hospitals, MCOs, and insurance companies in our region and across the country have engaged to address the housing needs of the communities they serve, and the practical partnerships they’ve formed with housing providers and local governments. It showcased replicable models that can inform decisions being made locally.

The goal of the Summit was to provide an opportunity for local health systems, nonprofits, and government leaders to learn from innovations occurring elsewhere so that they may develop collaborative models to be implemented here in Philadelphia. It was an unquestionable success! We attracted an at-capacity crowd from a wide variety of backgrounds, and both the plenary content and the panelists received extremely positive feedback. Moreover, it provided a space for the important networking and introductions that will hopefully pave the way for the meaningful action of tomorrow.

Below you can find videos of the powerful plenary and breakout presentations.


Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent Sessions: 1:45 – 3:15 P.M.


Building Ties


Healthy Homes and the Law


Insurers Maximizing Results


Genuine Healing


Concurrent Sessions: 1:45 – 3:15 P.M.


Addressing Chronic Homelessness


Aging in Place


Home Repair Partnerships