Cyber Security: Protecting Your Business Assets

Mar 27, 2018 7:30am - 10:00am

How safe is your electronic data?  How easily can a hacker access your company bank accounts or redirect wire transfers or steal proprietary client lists?  What do you do if your network system is compromised?  With employees having access to laptops, tablets, smartphones and PCs, people become the weakest defense against cyberattacks. According to an AT&T 2017 cybersecurity survey, “Just 61% of organizations mandate cybersecurity awareness training for all employees, while more than half admit to breaches from employee mobile devices infected with malware.”

Join PIDC on Thursday, March 8, to hear James Carty, Chief Security Officer, FBI – Philadelphia division, who will share cybersecurity strategies to protect your organization from data breaches.  Learn the latest trends in cyberthreats that are affecting businesses and the resources needed for prevention, detection and response.  You will learn how to identify network vulnerabilities, implement best practices and develop cross-functional teams.  From the CEO to the entry-level employee, everyone is integral to the safety of the company.