Passive Rowhouse Project: The Perfect Imperfect Wall

Apr 11, 2018 6:00pm - 8:00pm

What is the Perfect Imperfect Wall?

Think of it as the Wabi-Sabi of Building Science; Joe Lstiburek and the Building Science Corporation coined the term “perfect wall” to describe the clearly delineated layers and functions of a wall assembly, i.e. rain, air, vapor, and thermal control layers (in addition to structure).

The Perfect Wall is significantly easier to achieve in new construction than in a retrofit where existing conditions may undermine its elegant simplicity. The Perfect ImperfectWall is the result of adapting the rain, air, vapor, and thermal, control layers to work with existing structural wall conditions.

In addition to existing conditions, economic and aesthetic considerations also affect performance and long-term durability. The same principles regarding clearly delineated structural and environmental control layers of the Perfect Wall can also be applied to roof and floor assemblies.

Using the metaphor of the Perfect Wall, Justin Weisser, Architect and Building Enclosure Commissioning Agent will present on the building science behind air and vapor control when insulating multi-wythe brick bearing walls from the interior and exterior. This presentation will be followed with a hands-on working session where participants will apply the knowledge from the presentation to exterior and party walls, roofs, and floors.

Light food and beverages will served.

The first session sold out, so please register early as there are limited spaces available!

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