Webinar-Ideas to Action: Vacant Land Reuse Project Design, Planning, and Implementation

Mar 22, 2018 12:00pm - 1:00pm

THIS EVENT IS A WEBINAR. Please access the event remotely.

Vacancy challenges are not only about empty houses, but also about empty lots. Swaths of vacant land from large-scale demolition of residential or industrial buildings, and streets pockmarked with vacant lots where houses once stood, can perpetuate a downward cycle of disinvestment. Vacant land reuse can catalyze inclusive, sustainable, and comprehensive neighborhood stabilization and revitalization while serving as a canvas to engage and empower residents, community based organizations, and city governments. This webinar introduces a wide range of potential vacant land “treatments” or designs – ranging from passive to active, art to infrastructure, agriculture to recycling, and standalone to comprehensive – and gives participants an introduction to strategic approaches to vacant land reuse planning and implementation.

Instructor: Janell O’Keefe, Program Officer – Michigan Initiatives, Center for Community Progress

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