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Leon Robinson and De’Wayne Drummond are Philly community organizers on a mission to empower grassroots organizers with the skills and tools they need to succeed. In each episode of Iron Sharpens Iron, Leon and De’Wayne will interview grassroots organizers. You’ll hear what they’re doing to change the status quo and what they’ve learned in the process.

We believe that, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Our podcast hopes to spread information and tools from one neighborhood to another and become sharper with every conversation! 

LISTEN: Lizette Lewis, Workforce Development Program Manager at NKCDC, (New Kensington Community Development Corporation) discusses giving healthcare workers access to resources to take back to their communities.
LISTEN: Gloria Maria Cartagena Hart aka “Smooches”, Commercial Corridor Manager at NKCDC, New Kensington Community Development Corporation, discusses healing through trauma with Leon and De’Wayne and why she goes by “Smooches.”
LISTEN: Pam Bridgeforth is Managing Director of Camden Repertory Theatre and former Director of Programs for PACDC. In this mini episode Pam talks with Leon and De’Wayne about building community and poetry.
LISTEN: Former Philadelphia poet laureate, Trapeta Mayson joins our hosts and reads from her original poem, “In Spite of It All”
Chris Spahr from Centennial Parkside CDC joins our hosts to talk about affordable housing
LISTEN: Oneido Luis from LISCPhilly joins our hosts to talk about knowledge.
On this episode of Iron Sharpens Iron, Leon and De’Wayne talk trash, advocacy, and civic engagement with Terrill Haigler a.k.a. YaFavTrashman. Terrill shares why he launched the YaFavTrashman Instagram account last June, what it’s like to be a new community organizer, and why he’s so passionate about building relationships with people in positions of power.
This episode contains content around addiction and suicidal thoughts. Listener discretion is advised. On this episode of Iron Sharpens Iron, Brenda Mosley shares what she has learned about mental health and community wellness. 
Mary Campbell, Director of Housing Services at New Kensington CDC joins hosts Leon Robinson and De’Wayne Drummond to talk about the many layers of what it means to be a housing counselor, the critical role of these advocates, and the need for more supports for affordable, stable housing and opportunities for home ownership.
On this episode of “Iron Sharpens Iron,” Leon and De’Wayne speak with Rikeyah Lindsay, the Safety and Justice Coordinator at Mount Vernon Manor CDC in Mantua. 
Leon and De’Wayne sit down with Andy Toy, Policy Director at PACDC. Amidst a season of tragedy surrounding affordable housing during the harshest weather season of the year, Andy talks about what has caused our affordable housing crisis, the pros and cons of Accessory Dwelling Units, and some of the housing victories we have seen locally.
On this episode of Iron Sharpens Iron, Leon and De’Wayne sit down with Iris Melendez, owner of Sammy’s Place, a bar located at 5th and Jefferson. Iris shares how she came to be a bar owner in the first place, how she has seen gentrification change her neighborhood, and how she’s navigating those changes. 
Leon and De’Wayne dive deep into Cynthia Barnes’ 30 plus years of community organizing in Nicetown-Tioga.

Cass Green of New Kensington CDC and Somaly Osteen of SEAMAAC join Leon and De’Wayne for a very frank conversation on race and community organizing. This conversation took place as part of PACDC’s Forward Equitable Development Conference in 2021.

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About Iron Sharpens Iron

Iron Sharpens Iron is produced by the Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations. Host and guest opinions are their own. Iron Sharpens Iron is edited by Andrew Heppard and features music from Will Ellsworth (@will.ellsworth on Instagram). Cover art by Jen Selpa.