Cornerstone West CDC seeks Economic Development Director

Organizational Overview:

Cornerstone West CDC is a non-profit organization based in Wilmington, DE. Cornerstone West CDC’s mission is to create affordable housing and promote the revitalization of Wilmington’s West Side, a unique and historic neighborhood made up of a collection of four small but cohesive communities at the doorstep of downtown. A testament to Wilmington’s diversity, the West Side is home to some of the most economically, racially, and socially diverse communities in the state. Cornerstone facilitated the development of a West Side Revitalization Plan in 2012 and is leading implementation efforts in the areas of economic development, housing, and community engagement as the fiscal and operating agent of the West Side Grows Together neighborhood coalition. Recently, via a pilot program, Cornerstone has expanded its work to partner with organizations to build and replicate successful community economic development programs throughout the State of Delaware.

Position Overview:

The Economic Development Director will be responsible for leading the dynamic, expanding Cornerstone West CDC Economic Development programs across the State of Delaware, with a core focus in Wilmington. This position plays a key role in driving economic growth, fostering business development, and enhancing the overall quality of life within Wilmington, Dover, Georgetown, with a focus on Wilmington’s West Side. The ideal candidate will be passionate about supporting small business development, building equitable community economic development, attracting / leveraging resources to our business communities, especially those in under-represented areas of the State, and committed to persistent incremental community change. This position will oversee all current Economic Development activity, including: Commercial Corridor Revitalization (West Side Focus), the Build From Within Fund (including the Wilmington Strong Fund), the Building Better Business Districts Program (three partners sites across Delaware), and KIVA Delaware (statewide microlending). The Director will oversee Economic Development Staff - 2 full-time, 1 part-time, and interns as necessary. This individual will establish policies, procedures, and methodologies. This person will lead a strategic vision, demonstrate leadership skills, and collaborate with various stakeholders. Additionally, this position will be instrumental in promoting sustainable economic practices and implementing initiatives that support the long-term prosperity of our organization and the communities it serves.

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