DHCD seeks Housing Development and Community Development Analyst

Organizational Overview:

As an employer, the City of Philadelphia values inclusion, integrity, innovation, empowerment, and hard work above all else. We offer a vibrant work environment, comprehensive health care and benefits, and the experience you need to grow and excel. If you’re interested in working with a passionate team of people who care about the future of Philadelphia, start here.

Position Overview:

This is analytical work at the full performance level planning, implementing, and evaluating funded housing, community and economic development projects and programs to effectuate conformance to federal, state and local funding requirements and to ensure effective delivery of services. Employees in the Contracts Assignment prepare contract scope and budget, process contracts and invoices, conduct analyses, and prepare recommendations aimed at developing new or improving existing housing and community development projects and programs. Employees in the Monitoring Assignment perform comprehensive analysis and evaluation of organizational and project performance and recommend plans to correct any identified issues to ensure compliance with funding guidelines. Employees in this class review proposed regulatory changes for fiscal and programmatic impact and make recommendations regarding the origination and revision of agency policies based on changes to city, state and federal laws and regulations. Contact with officials of public agencies, a diverse range of contracted providers, and City and departmental staff to obtain information or render assistance are significant aspects of the work. Work is performed under the direction of a technical superior.

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