The Enterprise Center CDC seeks 52nd St Corridor Manager

The Enterprise Center CDC extends The Enterprise Center’s larger economic development mission to the neighborhood level in West Philadelphia via community engagement and neighborhood revitalization initiatives. A particular focal point of this community development work is the revitalization of the 52nd Street commercial corridor, historically known as “West Philly’s Main Street,” with an emphasis on 52nd Street between Arch Street and Pine Street.

The 52nd Street Corridor Manger serves as the day-to-day face of this work and is the point person for providing assistance to corridor businesses, coordinating with other key stakeholders, and managing corridor-specific projects.

Summary of Duties:
– Provide the first line of technical assistance to corridor businesses.
– Connect businesses to service providers, both at The Enterprise Center and at partner organizations, for additional technical assistance.
– Coordinate with property owners, brokers, and prospective tenants to fill vacancies and diversify the 52nd Street business mix.
– Build and maintain relationships with community stakeholders, including nearby civic groups and community focused businesses.
– Coordinate with City agencies, including Commerce, Streets, L&I, and the 18th Police District.
– Support management of daily corridor cleaning and litter removal.
– Place 311 service requests to address large scale trash dumping, graffiti, and other issues.
– Lead efforts to promote 52nd Street businesses through internal social media and external news outlets.
– Coordinate regularly scheduled 52nd Street stakeholder meetings.
– Lead coordination of corridor beautification projects.

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