Impact services issues RFP for Consultant to lead Skilled Facilitator/Facilitation Team to Lead Retreat on Facilitation Skills for Trauma-Informed Content in Kensington

Organizational Overview:

NKCDC and Impact Services are issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a single consultant or team to help design and deliver a training on facilitation and public speaking skills, with a focus on delivering trauma-informed content, and develop a lesson plan for recreating such a training in the future.

Position Overview:

Impact Services Corporation, New Kensington CDC (NKCDC), and community leaders co-created a curriculum that addresses the overarching issue of community-based trauma in the neighborhood of Kensington, its effects on individual residents, and the community as a whole. Through promoting and establishing healthy micro-communities at the block level, this model aims to de-escalate stress, build social cohesion, and foster community resiliency.

The resulting Connected Community curriculum for trauma-informed community engagement is designed to be a train-the-trainer model, where residents who go through the full five module curriculum are equipped to be ambassadors of the trauma-informed tools in the neighborhood. However, public speaking and facilitation skills are a barrier for many residents who would otherwise be proponents of the work, so we are looking to add a module to the curriculum that will help participants grow these skills.

The consultant will work from existing NKCDC and Impact content/materials, and research local and national best practices for relevant curricula and training modules. The consultant will be open to feedback from the community and provide partners modules and mechanisms to test assumptions and trainings with community residents.

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