Philadelphia Energy Authority seeks Project Manager

Organizational Overview:

The Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) is an independent municipal authority chartered by City Council and the Mayor in 2010, focused on issues of energy affordability and sustainability for Philadelphia. In 2016, with the leadership of City Council President Darrell Clarke, PEA launched the Philadelphia Energy Campaign, a $1 billion, 10-year investment in energy efficiency and clean energy projects. In the first four years of the campaign, PEA facilitated over $380 million in clean energy projects, creating over 3,275 jobs. PEA designs and implements initiatives that are replicable in Philadelphia and across the country. PEA uses energy as an entry point to address many of our biggest challenges— poverty, equitable economic development, climate change, and public health.

Position Overview:

The Program Manager, Residential Programs will lead the implementation of the Built to Last low-income home preservation program. The Program Manager will support the Director of Residential Programs and will lead a variety of administrative, operational, and project coordination efforts to ensure the program’s success and continued growth. They will provide critical project management functions including program data management, oversight of service contracts with program partners, and client relationship management. They will drive program design and evaluation, speak at events, conferences and stakeholder briefings about the program, and work closely with PEA leadership to develop and implement the program at scale. Project management and/or construction management experience and a highly organized approach will be vital to the success of this role.

Built to Last is a whole-home repair program serving low-income homeowners and designed to layer, coordinate and supplement government, utility, and non-profit home improvement. PEA works with a broad network of organizations that deliver direct housing repair services and “wraparound” supportive services that make up the Built to Last coalition. PEA provides the administrative platform to allow these programs to effectively work together while directly funding home repairs – including electrification and rooftop solar power – to help achieve truly holistic repairs that result in homes that are healthy, safe, affordable, and resilient for the long term. PEA launched a pilot of Built to Last in 2021 and began to scale the program in 2023 with the goal of completing whole-home repairs in 10,000 homes by 2033.

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