National Housing Resource Center seeks Relationship and Innovations Manager

POSITION SUMMARY:  The National Housing Resource Center (NHRC) is an advocacy organization providing leadership for the nonprofit housing counseling community and the clients they serve. NHRC is bringing together the many parts of the housing counseling community to be an effective advocacy voice in policy making and program design. Housing counseling agencies are working to increase homeownership opportunities, prevent foreclosures, and assist underserved communities. The nonprofit housing counseling community is an important part of the housing market and, when properly mobilized, can help address the inequalities in mortgage, foreclosure, and rental situations.

The Relationship and Innovations Manager (RIM) will work with local housing counseling agencies to

  1. Develop innovative programs and funding opportunities on critical housing issues which could become models for housing counseling organizations around the country.
  2. Convene local outreach events for underserved homebuyers working with local housing counseling agencies.

This job is a high impact position, which will require resourcefulness and initiative.

The Relationship and Innovations Manager is an exempt position. Exempt employees are expected to work the appropriate and necessary time in order to complete key assignments and related tasks on schedule.

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