The Pew Charitable Trusts seeks Officer, Philadelphia Research Initiative

The Pew Charitable Trusts uses data to make a difference. Through rigorous inquiry and knowledge sharing, we inform and engage public-spirited citizens and organizations, linking diverse interests to pursue a common cause.
The Philadelphia Research Initiative is a Trusts-operated project that is part of Pew’s Philadelphia Program.
The officer, who is based in Pew’s Philadelphia office, reports to the Director, Philadelphia Research Initiative. The officer’s job is to help conceptualize, design and complete research and analysis on key issues affecting the city of Philadelphia.

The position has a set time frame that could be extended based on the success of the program, funding sources, and Board decisions on continued support.

Summary of Duties:
– Contribute to the conceptualization, design and implementation of research and analysis on key issues affecting the city of Philadelphia.
– Conduct background and primary research, including empirical analysis; compilation, analysis and presentation of data sets; literature reviews; and interviews.
– Active engagement with and presentation of research findings to relevant policymakers and other stakeholders.
– Conduct pre-survey literature searches and help draft public opinion surveys.
– Develop and write major policy research reports and shorter issue briefs that are relevant to policy deliberations and easily understood by the public, media and policymakers, often in collaboration with external writers.
– Contribute to and/or supervise the monthly newsletter and web analyses.
– Monitor and identify emerging urban policy issues that are relevant to Philadelphia and to the priorities of the Philadelphia Research Initiative.
– Direct Initiative staff in writing internal documentation and processing contracts for outside consultants. Ensure that contracts and sub-grants submitted to the Director are complete, accurate and timely.

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