University City Green seeks Director

About UC Green
University City Green (“UC Green”) is a Philadelphia-based nonprofit focused on cooperative community greening. Through partnerships and education, UC Green empowers volunteer environmental stewardship in University City and its surrounding communities.
Each spring and fall, UC Green volunteers plant between 25 and 100 street trees and enhance public green spaces contributing hundreds of hours in service to the community. UC Green’s Pruning Club program meets biweekly during the summer to train volunteers in proper tree pruning techniques and prune trees on selected blocks each season. Since UC Green was founded in 1998, its volunteers have planted over 4,800 trees. The organization’s efforts are largely accomplished by a corps of dedicated volunteers working with the UC Green director and a volunteer board of directors.

The Job
UC Green is hiring a Director to serve as the sole organizational staff person. This individual will be the motivating force behind UC Green’s next phase of engagement and expansion. The director reports to the UC Green board of directors. They are responsible for fundraising, volunteer recruitment and engagement, marketing and communications, event planning, program development and execution, and making sure UC Green continues to realize its promise to green greater University City through the hard work and cooperation of community members.

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