Urban Affairs Coalition seeks Program Manager

Urban Affairs Coalition is looking a qualified Program Manager at the Center for Hope, Tioga Simpkins House. Under the supervision of the Director of Case Management and Social Services (DCMSS), the Program Manager will assist and support the DCMSS, case management team, and safety team in achieving full compliance with the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Homeless Services Shelter Support Services (OHS) program. Also, this person be responsible for arranging continuing care/follow-up for clients, oversee the facility’s needs, and communicate those needs to operations, as well as being responsible for community member/participant incidents that happen on the premises.

Summary of Duties:
– Function as a part of the Case Management team.
– Consult with and direct CFH Tioga/Simpkins staff to ensure effective communication and delegation of tasks as it pertains to community members.
– Attend weekly supervision and Team meetings as well as monthly Participant Progress Review Meetings and All Staff Meetings.
– Act as a housing case manager to the assigned caseload of 32.
– Interface with other homeless service providers to coordinate community coordinator care.
– Oversee token distribution and log.
– Present at site in the event of an emergency situation.
– Attend funding agency trainings as mandated by compliance requirements.
– Work alongside supervisor to establish, implement, and improve policies and procedures that will create growth for CFH Tioga/Simpkins.
– Liaison between CFH Tioga and OHS Program Analyst.
– Oversee and approve the reporting of available beds to the OHS Placement Coordinator.
– Facilitate quarterly inspections by Program Analyst (OHS). Report results to Administration.
– Approve or deny house visitations and presentation by guests.
– Approval on social passes signed by CFH Tioga/Simpkins staff.

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