The Road Home: New Perspectives on Addiction, Wholeness, and Healing with Swoon and Dr. Gabor Maté

International House Philadelphia
Oct 29, 2018 8:00am - Sep 26, 2018 12:30pm

Join us to participate in thoughtful conversations about compassion-centered and trauma-informed practices in art and healing. The culmination of Mural Arts Philadelphia’s work with artist Swoon (Caledonia Curry) in Kensington, this symposium features renowned speaker and author Dr. Gabor Maté, as well as a wide array of experts in the field of trauma and addiction.

In collaboration with therapist Jessica Radovich and storytellers Heather Box and Julian Mocine-McQueen, Swoon offered near-daily open-door workshops at the Porch Light Kensington Storefront in April and May. Weekly harm-reduction workshops connected participants to further resources at the nearby Prevention Point facility, across the street from a shelter where a new mural and outdoor lighting and seating will renew this public space for all.

Through this conference, we aim to rework traditional power dynamics and systems by encouraging deep engagement from  participants. The values of the conference are connection, empowerment, deep understanding, and meaningful change on individual, community, and systemic levels.

After a keynote from globally recognized addiction specialist Dr. Gabor Maté, we will hear from a wide array of experts in the field, including those who have directly experienced addiction and trauma. We believe in compassion-centered healing, and aim to explore the artistic stretches of our humanity to support people in their own creativity and healing. We believe in the power of art and story and connection to transform trauma through truth. If you are are looking for a place to ignite hope, connect fully, and speak honestly around some of the most trying topics of our times—addiction, trauma, pain—you have come to the right place.

Check back for the full symposium schedule.

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